Job Opportunities

Join the Texas Research & Technology Foundation (TRTF) on its mission to drive economic development in and around emerging technologies in the bioscience and healthcare industry. If you are ready to become a part of a team of innovators, take a look at the current job openings.



The Director of Marketing and Communication is responsible for developing a world-class communications plan, directly managing communications activities that promote, enhance, and protect the foundation’s vision and reputation, including advertising, promotions, special events, and a broad range of public relations activities relative to the strategic direction and positioning of the organization and its leadership. Director is also responsible for managing media relations, including being the main spokesperson for the organization. The Director fields questions from journalists, arranges press conferences, writes press releases, and provides media training.

The Foundation desires to develop an effective synergistic strategy between marketing and fundraising, in which marketing is responsible for building a strong, recognizable, and resonant brand, and fundraising develops and implements complementary mission-driven strategies and campaigns. The Director of Marketing and Communications will work with the fundraising staff to ensure alignment and strategic focus.

SAMMI Director

The San Antonio Military Medical Innovation (SAMMI) Director will support the growing military life science ecosystem in San Antonio by facilitating partnerships and innovations that help the military meet their medical mission requirements, and at the same time, create commercialization opportunities for the community. Ideally, the Director would (a) possess experience navigating the structure of the military medical branches; (b) understand the pathways to commercialization within each military service; c) understand the capabilities of community life science assets; and (d) possess the ability to assess community technologies that may promote collaboration with military medical research and technology development to help meet military mission requirements.


The Workforce Program Administrator responsibilities include managing budgets, establishing policies and procedures, and managing daily activities related to the workforce program. The Administrator is responsible for ensuring our workforce development program runs smoothly and achieves its purpose.