Innovation District for Science & Technology
Inspired by the power of innovation, proximity, talent attraction, and inclusive economic development, TRTF has embarked on a bold vision to develop an urban innovation district. The establishment of this Innovation District will position San Antonio as a leader in developing innovative medical breakthroughs and generating economic growth and investment. The Innovation
District will be an inclusive community where collaboration, connectivity, and the colliding of ideas spur innovation in a connected, mixed-use development.
Initial Goals for the Innovation District:
• Recruiting and retaining of businesses and research institutions, including the Department
of Defense.
• Promoting education, skills training, workforce development, and entrepreneurship.
• Facilitating relationships with the residents of the neighborhoods around the Innovation District.
• Encouraging and securing infrastructure improvements that support investment and improve connectivity to and within the district.
Innovation District EPS Study – TRTF commissioned Economic & Planning Systems (EPS) to develop a master plan, economic impact, and land use strategy. The report encompasses development strategies and estimates the creation of over 10,000 jobs within 20 years and an economic impact of $3.2 billion.