TRTF Community House creates a legacy option for family businesses at a generational transition


Community House was formed by TRTF to preserve the legacy of regional family-owned businesses that are in generational transition. The 501(c)3 Community Trust organization is designed to enhance the vitality of San Antonio businesses through its mission of preserving the
legacy by retaining the company name, management team, employees, and most importantly their impact, which keeps the company in the community, benefitting the San Antonio region.

TRTF Community House acquires or has companies donated to the TRTF Community House portfolio of companies. It is a unique and innovative model that provides a comprehensive approach of ongoing support to help the companies thrive and grow. TRTF Community House is committed to the success of the companies by providing strategic planning, leadership
development, investment capital, and business advisory support. A portion of the earnings generated from the TRTF Community House portfolio of companies helps provide sustainability of TRTF, assists with the transformative redevelopment in the eastside, and creates more economic development opportunities. Future plans for TRTF Community House include the establishment of a dedicated fund to help support economic and social development efforts in the
San Antonio region.



TRTF Community House Companies

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